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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Living, learning and loving with the Lord


Getting to & from school

Walking to School:  

We encourage all families to walk some or all the way to school. We support walking as part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as to help the environment and reduce congestion from cars.

Travelling by bus: 

A ‘My Bus’ school bus provides a service before and after school for our children and covers Crossland Moor, Lockwood, Newsome, Lowerhouses, Almondbury, Waterloo and Rawthorpe.  


  • Blackmoorfoot Road – St. Luke’s Hospital DEP 0810; 
  • Dryclough Rd / Walpole Hotel DEP 0814; 
  • Swan Lane DEP 0818; 
  • Newsome Church DEP 0823; 
  • Hall Cross Road at Lowerhouses Lane DEP 0830; 
  • Southfield Rd – Hudroyd DEP 0834; 
  • Waterloo DEP 0840; 
  • St Josephs RC J & I School ARR 0850 AND St Josephs RC J & I School DEP 1545; 
  • Waterloo DEP 1555; 
  • Somerset Road DEP 1603; 
  • Lowerhouses DEP 1610; 
  • Newsome Church DEP 1616; 
  • Swan Lane DEP 1621; 
  • Dryclough Road DEP 1628; 
  • Blackmoorfoot Road at St. Luke’s Hospital ARR 1630

Click here for further information on the route and to access to an application form.

Click here for further information about the My Bus Scheme.

Click here for information about free school travel.

Travelling by car: 

We encourage parents to consider alternatives to travelling to school by car. Due to the number of cars in the area at drop-off and collection times, severe congestion is a regular problem. Parents and carers travelling to school by car are asked to use the Dalton Schools’ Car Park which is on Grosvenor Road. We ask that everyone avoids parking on the school driveway or on the zig-zags or double yellow lines on the roads around school. The local police support the school in ensuring that our families can get to and from school safely.