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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

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Sports Premium Funding

Sports Premium Plans 2018 / 2019

The focus of this year’s funding will be the provision of additional opportunities for the children before, during and after school. Having used some funding in previous years, as all other schools have done, to provide CPD for staff, we now feel that we are in a position to deliver high-quality PE without the need to have sports coaches supporting the lessons. This has freed up funds to expand our offer to the children at St. Joseph’s.

Aims for 2018 -2019:

  1. To continue to provide all Sports Premium clubs free-of-charge to every pupil
  2. Further increase the number of children participating in at least one sport.
  3. Increase by 25%, the number of children participating in at least two sports.
  4. To introduce a Healthy Eating club (provided as part of the Huddersfield Giants partnership)
  5. To provide more opportunities for the children to do structured sports and games on the playground at lunchtime.

Activity and Provider

Estimated Cost

Evaluation – to be carried out in July 2019

Street Dance – three lunchtime sessions per week for Years One to 6.




Sports Coordinator to develop the provision, particularly focusing on children who aren’t accessing at least one activity.




Three lunchtime and two after school sports clubs (provided by Project Sport). These clubs change each term. Examples of the clubs provided are football for girls, KS1 and LKS2, Dodgeball for KS1 and basketball.




Team Building equipment and training (provided by Team Building at School




Gold Partnership with Huddersfield Giants for three half-terms per year providing a full day with a coach




Lunchtime Playworker to work three lunchtimes per week to support structured sports and games on the playground




Total Expenditure (based on estimated funding)




Review of Sports Premium 2017 - 2018 School Year

The funding received for this year is approximately £19,000. This is following the announcement of additional funding by the government. Parents are regularly encouraged, via the School Bulletin and at our Parents Forum, to make suggestions about clubs for the Sports Premium funding. It is also discussed with pupils when we do Pupil Voice interviews. We carry out a short questionnaire for participants at the end of each year to review that year's provision, with a view to improving provision for the following year.

Our objectives last year were:

1) Increase the number of children attending all clubs

This target was achieved in all but two of the clubs. We also sustained the levels of attendance at the clubs throughout the weeks that they were run

2) Reduce the number of children to zero who don't attend any club

This target wasn't achieved, but the number of children who didn't attend a club was reduced.

3) To increase the number of children attending more than one club through better promotion of sports that may be new to some children

This target was achieved.

The spending for the last year was as follows:

1) Project Sport for the provision of Sports Clubs and provision of CPD where coaches work in the lessons with the staff. £12,600

2) Fidget Feet for the provision of three Street Dance Clubs £3000

3) Sports Development Officer to increase participation £1000

4) 5SPorts Coaching for the provision of two before school clubs for Frisbee and Gaelic Football £1000

5) Sports Equipment £2000