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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Living, learning and loving with the Lord


Rewards and Sanctions

We work carefully on implementing and, regularly reviewing,  our positive rewards and behaviour sanctions in school. We have shared and agreed them with the children and staff and they are clearly displayed all over school.

In EYFS and KS1, the children are rewarded with stickers, certificates, golden time and stars which go towards the Class Champion award. The Class Champion award is given to the class who gain the most stars for displaying the Six G's - Good sitting, Good listening, Good effort, Good talking, Good behaviour and Good learning. The class champions have a light-up trophy for the week and get an extra playtime.

In KS2, good behaviour is rewarded in a similar way with certificates, stickers and Golden Time. They are also rewarded for collecting House Points for displaying excellent Learning behaviours. Each week, a trophy is given to the winning house!

In addition to all of the above, we have just launched our Christian Values Role Models awards. Each half term, all members of staff can nominate a child from EYFS (just Reception at the moment), KS1 and KS2 who have shown a high standard of Christian Values (love, friendship, compassion, forgiveness etc) throughout the half term. Names are then put in a hat and a winner from each phase in school is chosen to enjoy Afternoon Tea with members of the Senior Leadership Team on the last day of half term.

We hope that our positive rewards motivate all the children to do their best. However, if a child's behaviour falls below the expectation, there is a clear strategy in place for all children in school. The sanctions for each phase are attached below and displayed around school.