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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

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Pupil Premium Funding 2016/2017 Review

Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2016/2017

During the academic year 2016/2017 we have targeted our spending according to the

needs of the Pupil Premium children across the three phases. Therefore EYFS, KS1 and

KS2 have had their own spending grid. This has been an effective way to help the SLT and

Governors track the spending and monitor the impact of the Pupil Premium. Please refer

to the individual grids for detailed evaluations of each area of spending.




The progress of our Pupil Premium children this year has been very pleasing. In the

majority of cases the pupil premium progress is inline with or exceeding the rest of the

cohort with some very minimal differences i.e (-0.1%). This has been an improvement on

last year’s data. There have been some extremely good successes in comparison of PP

progress against non PP progress i.e Year 3 Maths (+0.6 difference), Year 1 Maths (+0.9)

and writing (+0.4) and Year 5 writing (+0.5). One Year group (Year 4) interventions didn’t

have the desired effect and so this year group will be a focus next year.




EYFS attainment

Out of the 3 PP children, 2 made a good level of development. We also identified possible

PP children who had not applied for free school meals because it is universal, but whose

older siblings are PP. Both of these children achieved a good level of development. The

PP child who did not make a good level of development has a plan in place for success in

Year 1

KS1 attainment

The Y1 phonics score for PPC has improved from 40% in 2016 to 71% in 2017 with a

difference of +7.7% between STJ and kirklees average for PPC

The PPC in Year 2 had a success of 66.7% pass rate on the Y2 phonics recheck which is

a +5% difference in comparison to the Kirklees average.

Only 3 out of the 6 PP in Year 2 made the expected attainment in the KS1 SATS. Two of

these children have been identified as SEN, one has an EHCP. One child achieved Greater Depth in Reading

KS2 attainment

Our combined average expected attainment in Reading, writing and maths was 50%. The

PP children average was only 36% which was disappointing despite additional support

and 1:1 Tuition. The PP group did achieve 86% in Science which was higher than that of

the rest of the cohort and inline with national average