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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Living, learning and loving with the Lord


Key Stage 2

Key stage 2 comprises Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Year 3 children are age 7 or 8, Year 4 children are age 8 or 9, Year 5 children are age 9 or 10 and Year 6 children are age 10 or 11. Our KS2 teachers are Mr Whitehead (Assistant Headteacher, KS2 Leader & Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Leader), Mr Fawcett, Miss Barnes, Mrs Boyes, Mrs Bainbridge and Miss Pawson.

KS2 children are taught in our junior building. They attend school from 8.55am to 3.15pm with a morning break at 10.35am until 10.50am and a lunch hour at midday. During their breaks and depending on the weather conditions, they play outside in the two junior playgrounds or on our playing fields.

Our children at KS2 are taught in differentiated class groupings for English and Maths. As with KS1, depending on numbers, classes may include mixed years. Our children are taught in a variety of ways in order to meet their individual needs. This can include being taught in a whole-class situation, in groups or individually.

KS2 Curriculum

We work on a four year programme of themes.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 1



Myths and Legends

Rain Forests


Year 2




Mission to Mars

Year 3

Volcanoes and Earthquakes



The Holiday Show

World Cup

Year 4

Vikings and Romans

Invaders and Settlers

Time Lines

Weather and Climate

Significant People

Artists Impression of the World