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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Living, learning and loving with the Lord


Governing Body

Our Full Governing Body meets six times per year. In addition we have committees that meet 3-5 times per year. These committees are Catholic Life, Health and Safety and Safeguarding, Resources and Standards and Effectiveness.

This is our Governing Body for the 2019- 2020 Academic Year:

Frances Marsden- Chair of Governors / Foundation Governor - Catholic Life/RE Committee (chair), Standards and Effectiveness Committee and Resources Committee. Appointed 17th September 2019- 16th September 2023. Appointed by the Diocese of Leeds. Member of staff at Huddersfield University.

Michael Kelly  - Vice-Chair of Governors / Foundation Governor - Standards and Effectiveness Committee (chair). Appointed 21st April 2016-20th April 2020. Appointed by the Diocese of Leeds.

Lorraine Geaney - Foundation Governor - Catholic Life / RE Committee and Resources Committee. Appointed 7th March 2016-6th March 2020. Appointed by the Diocese of Leeds.

Mr Gregg Latham - Foundation Governor - Resources Committee (chair). Appointed 13th September 2017-12th September 2021. Appointed by the Diocese of Leeds.

Sarah Greene - Staff Governor - Standards and Effectiveness Committee / Health, Safety & Safeguarding Committee. Appointed 7th March 2016 - 6th March 2020. Appointed by vote of staff.

Anne Merry - Foundation Governor - Catholic Life/RE Committee and Resources Committee. appointed 7th November 2019 - 6th November 2023. Appointed by vote of parents.

Roisin Morris - Foundation Governor - Health, Safety & Safeguarding Committee & Standards and Effectiveness Committee. Appointed 27th November 2018 - 26th November 2022. Appointed by the Diocese of Leeds.

Vicky Clegg - Parent Governor - Resources Committee. Appointed 23rd January 2019 - 22nd January 2023. Appointed by vote of parents.

Margaret Preest - Local Authority Governor - Catholic Life / RE Committee. Appointed 27th February 2017 - 26th February 2021. Appointed by Kirklees Council.

The school is currently awaiting the appointment of a Foundation Governor and will be holding elections for a Parent Governor in February 2020

Dominic Williams - Headteacher. 

We Also Have Governors with Special Areas of Responsibility:

Special Educational Needs Governor Mrs L Geaney

Governor Training Contact Mr D Williams

Governors for Looked After Children Mrs L Geaney & Mrs A Merry

Child Protection Governor Mrs R Morris

Early Years Governor Mrs F Marsden

Safeguarding Governor Mrs R Morris

Equality Governor Mrs A Merry

Premium Link Governor Mrs A Merry

Healthy School Initiative and School Council Governor Mrs R Morris

Catholic Life Governor Mrs F Marsden


October 2019 - Pecuniary Interest Declaration


Governors have declared a 'nil return' for pecuniary interests.